The chefs

We are Chichen and Miquel, the co-founders of LLAGUT, hailing from Taiwan and Spain respectively. You’ll know us for our whimsical sense of humour, hunger for the unknown, and passion for creating.

LLAGUT came about after a trip back to Spain stirred a pang of nostalgia and an itch to create. So we took our namesake from the iconic Catalan fishing boat—we’re cool with travelling modestly—and set up a studio in Taipei.

The recipe

Our designs are more about the “let’s go” than the “what if...?” We like to let them talk for themselves, cutting back to only the bare essentials. We seek to create leather goods that seamlessly slip into your everyday life, whatever your virtues and vices, wherever the tides take you.

We find elements of inspiration from our travels and homes, both native and adopted, be it the curve of the matador’s hat or the peel of a pomelo.

We’re also stubborn as hell, and have a healthy dose of irreverence for the status quo. With each new design we go right back to the drawing board and experiment with form, function, and structure, creating from the bottom up.

Whether we are improvising on the theme of a classic bag or devising one from scratch, we want to instil the element of surprise in all of our designs, and create something with that elusive quality of the authentic and unique.

Our favourite fiestas are when the leather swatches arrive. We spend hours poring over the colours to find that balancing point of fiery passion and cool restraint in equal measure. We can’t help it—we’re romantics. We are determined to make each LLAGUT creation something to fall in love with.

The ingredients

We love leather and brass because they age so gracefully and retain their allure. We work closely alongside skilled artisans and the quality of the final product is a testament to their patience, know-how, and talent.